James Lileks

Columnist | Metro
Phone: 612-673-7858
James Lileks writes a metro column and is an anchor/producer for NewsBreak, the webcast on startribune.com. He also blogs under The Blog O'Things.

Recent content from James Lileks

Lileks: Does it smell like smoke? Douse the toaster

Only you can prevent fires, Smokey the Bear said. This confused me as a kid: What am I supposed to...

Updated: October 09, 2014, - 10:31 PM

Lileks: Consider the stuff we used to dump down the drain

Note on the city of Minneapolis website: “Do you have hazardous waste sitting around your house? You can get rid...

Updated: October 04, 2014, - 04:56 PM

Lileks: Geez, how'd we lose that accent contest so quickly, there?

I grew up saying “Uff da,” and did so without irony or shame. We ate Swedish meatballs and said, “Uff...

Updated: October 02, 2014, - 11:26 PM

Lileks: The tasty breakfast treat that stops zebra mussels cold

We must respect all life and be good stewards of the Earth. All creatures have a place in this incredibly...

Updated: September 27, 2014, - 04:24 PM

Lileks: Amazon sales tax? Because you need fennel NOW

Amazon is going to start charging Minnesota sales tax, and folks don’t like it. I don’t like it. My reasons...

Updated: September 25, 2014, - 10:24 PM

Lileks: Summer ends today? Hate to tell you, but . . .

Fish are usually the top clients of patent attorneys. Most breakfast cereals provide your daily minimum requirement of tweed. Wine...

Updated: September 21, 2014, - 07:55 PM

My Minnesota: He won't take a dive for Apple's watch

If you graduated from college with an English major and now spend your days writing technical manuals for industrial machinery,...

Updated: September 20, 2014, - 05:49 PM

Lileks: If I only had some BRAAAIINS

The State Lottery has to come up with new games to keep the public from getting bored. I mean, you...

Updated: September 18, 2014, - 11:15 PM

Lileks: The mystery of the giant stone things

Mysterious tall wooden-and-stone boxes showed up at the highway on-ramps in my Minneapolis neighborhood recently, looking like packing crates for...

Updated: September 13, 2014, - 03:54 PM

Lileks: Lucky for us, the grocery store has many charms

It’s a wonder anyone goes into the grocery business. The margins, we’re told, are so impossibly thin you expect to...

Updated: September 11, 2014, - 11:08 PM

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