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James Lileks writes a metro column and is an anchor/producer for NewsBreak, the webcast on startribune.com. He also blogs under The Blog O'Things.

Recent content from James Lileks

Lileks: A look into the future at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis

Notes from the future: a story in the Star Tribune, Nov. 11, 2023 …As the Minnesota Orchestra lockout drags into...

Updated: November 11, 2013, - 05:09 PM

Lileks: In plain speech, updating the city charter will be an epic task

Got a recorded message from the city the other night, warning me about street sweeping. Move my car or it...

Updated: November 07, 2013, - 11:52 PM

Lileks: What time is it? Rank your choices

Time again for the semiannual fulminations against daylight saving time, made by people who hate long summer nights and want...

Updated: November 02, 2013, - 04:05 PM

Lileks: Manual needed to assess these results

Many parents this week got the Minnesota Assessment test results, which unfortunately do not assess how Minnesotan they are. Your...

Updated: October 31, 2013, - 08:41 PM

Lileks: In Minneapolis, texting tips on your neighbor just got easier

The city of Minneapolis has a new 411 text service that lets you send tips on miscreants in total anonymity....

Updated: October 26, 2013, - 07:50 PM

Minneapolis man collects collections of collectibles

There’s a store by the oldest skyway in downtown Minneapolis where time stopped and piled up.

Updated: October 26, 2013, - 05:36 PM

Lileks: Rachel from Card Services calling, oh, and The Robot

The first time you get a telemarketer on your cellphone you feel like your family pet just bit you. Trust...

Updated: October 25, 2013, - 12:16 AM

Lileks: What if everybody ran for mayor of Minneapolis?

With so many names on the Minneapolis mayor ballot, you get used to reading those thumbnail interviews. Some look like...

Updated: October 19, 2013, - 04:35 PM

James Lileks: In fall, colors peak even as memory dulls

There’s something I meant to say, but I can’t remember what. It was a great idea, too. Came to me...

Updated: October 17, 2013, - 08:19 PM

Spreading the culture, 50 students at a time

You think you have a challenging week ahead? Tom Haeg’s chaperoning 50 kids from Japan around town. A former Hennepin...

Updated: October 12, 2013, - 07:54 PM

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