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Movie spotlight: 'Mortdecai' holds little promise

Its trailer has “Austin Powers”-like pretensions, but the fact that “Mortdecai” isn’t being screened for critics implies it doesn’t approach even those semi-lofty heights.

Updated: January 22, 2015, - 02:34 PM

Best picture: Here's our take on the nominees

Here's our take on the Oscar nominees for best picture and their chances of winning the statuette.

Updated: January 15, 2015, - 09:19 AM

'Maze Runner' puts boys through their paces

REVIEW: Is there room at the multiplex for yet another entry in the young adult/dystopia/survival genre? Those who hunger for more could do worse than “The Maze Runner.”

Updated: September 18, 2014, - 03:09 PM

REVIEW: "The Silver Star,’ by Jeannette Walls

FICTION: Bestselling writer Jeannette Walls returns with another tale of abandoned children.

Updated: June 09, 2013, - 12:12 PM

Review: Vaughn, Wilson back together in 'The Internship'

Vince Vaughn retains his glib-yet-desperate patter and Owen Wilson his earnest sweetness in the corporate send-up about life at Google.

Updated: June 07, 2013, - 09:58 AM

The Dish: King James

Kevin James keeps getting the babes.

Updated: October 13, 2012, - 04:48 PM

The Dish: Beasts' burden

No SAG awards for "Southern Wild."

Updated: October 06, 2012, - 05:44 PM

The Dish: Capital punishment

Trouble at the movies for Romney?

Updated: July 21, 2012, - 05:42 PM

The Dish: Sorry, Charlie

Plus casting news and notes

Updated: July 02, 2012, - 03:38 PM

The Dish: Awaiting 'Avengers'

Bigger than "The Hunger Games"?

Updated: April 21, 2012, - 05:34 PM

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