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Colin Covert has covered films for the Star Tribune for 20 years, interviewing Peter Jackson, Kate Winslet, Steven Spielberg, Cate Blanchett, Quentin Tarantino, Neil Gaiman and John Travolta, to name a few. Colin’s job as a film critic consists mostly of thinking up synonyms for “mediocre.” He still gets a thrill when the lights dim, and all too often a bigger thrill when they come on again.

Recent content from Colin Covert

'Lone Survivor': Mission in the mountains

REVIEW: “Lone Survivor” is gripping, unrelenting, brutally proficient moviemaking, a just-the-facts war movie about four Navy SEALS on an Afghan mission gone fatally wrong.

Updated: January 09, 2014, - 04:47 PM

Milquetoast goes wild in 'Walter Mitty'

REVIEW: Ben Stiller's meek Walter Mitty has bold dreams of adventure, but the movie he's in remains indecisive.

Updated: January 09, 2014, - 02:54 PM

Review: Amour hurts in 'The Past'

REVIEW: “The Past” is a compelling mystery tale wrapped in a riveting family drama, with the death throes of a marriage cloaking deeper, fouler things.

Updated: January 09, 2014, - 02:28 PM

Reviewed in brief: 'The Crash Reel,' 'Divorce Corp.'

Brief looks at two new documentaries: "The Crash Reel," about professional snowboarder Kevin Pearce, and "Divorce Corp.," about the big money behind divorce proceedings.

Updated: January 09, 2014, - 02:23 PM

In 'August: Osage County,' mother fights best

REVIEW: Meryl Streep plays a widowed matriarch in a knock-down, drag-out drama of family dysfunction.

Updated: January 09, 2014, - 02:20 PM

16 reasons to be happy about movies in 2013

Actors reborn. Smart scripts. Tense action. High-risk hilarity. Turns out that 2013 was a very good year in film.

Updated: December 27, 2013, - 02:28 PM

Honorable mention: Barkhad Abdi, actor in 'Captain Phillips'

It’s not every day that a fledgling actor almost steals a movie from Tom Hanks, but that’s just what Barkhad Abdi accomplished in “Captain Phillips.”

Updated: December 27, 2013, - 11:15 AM

'Mandela' explores a heroic life, flaws and all ★★1/2

REVIEW: “Mandela” celebrates its famous subject without giving the late South African leader a halo.

Updated: December 24, 2013, - 11:32 AM

Deliriously awkward Wiig scores her most romantic role

Kristen Wiig’s oddball comedy takes a temporary break as she co-stars with Ben Stiller in “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.”

Updated: December 22, 2013, - 01:18 PM

'Saving Mr. Banks' relives making of 'Mary Poppins'

REVIEW: Walt Disney's long crusade to win the “Mary Poppins” movie rights from author P.L. Travers gets prettified in this telling.

Updated: December 19, 2013, - 03:59 PM

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