Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kurt Bills has roughly $68,000 to spend before Election Day as he tries to unseat Democratic incumbent Amy Klobuchar.

With nearly $5 million bankrolled, Klobuchar has about 70 times that amount stocked away for her re-election bid.
In his best fundraising quarter, Bills made gains, raising $352,148 in the last three months, but still failed to narrow the gap.Klobuchar took in about $800,000 in donations during the same period.
She has raised about $9.6 million so far for her re-election; Bills has raised about $750,000.
“Our fundraising numbers reflect what we have been saying all along,” said Bills’ campaign manager, Mike Osskopp. “Our donors are thousands of middle-class Minnesotans who have been crushed by the dismal economy Amy Klobuchar helped create. Amy Klobuchar’s crony capitalism gets the support of millionaires and PACs whose bidding she does in the Senate. Is it any surprise that Klobuchar has raised millions from those she uses her power to help in the Senate?”
A breakdown of the most recent report is not available, but Klobuchar’s mid-summer campaign finance report indicates that two-thirds of her donations came from individuals.
Recent polls show Klobuchar with more than a 25-point lead in the race against Bills, a high school economics teacher.

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