Have you ever wanted to bike, and bike, and bike some more, for 24 hours in a row? If so, join me at the Powderhorn 24, August 15 – 16, 2014. Sign-up is only $20, which includes admission and a kick[butt] T-shirt.

One of the cool things about PH24 is that, if you don’t feel like bicycling non-stop, you can bike for, say, 16 hours, and then hang out at the finish line for the remainder and cheer people on. Or, you can bike all night, brunch in the morning, and then go to sleep. It’s a freeform event, where how much you participate is up to you. Lots of superheroically amazing people ride the whole 24. Others just ride as much as they can. Basically, PH24 is a big summer party that’s centered around bikes.


Move quick. Online registration ends this Sunday at Powderhorn24.com.

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