Right now I'm at Target Field today for Jiminez-Liriano, and Joe Mauer's continuing attempt to hit one home run at his home field this season.

This afternoon, Tiger Woods tees off at Pebble Beach.

Tonight, the Lakers and Celtics play Game 7 in Los Angeles.

What more do you want from a Thursday in June?

My picks: Twins survive Jiminez (sometimes having slap hitters in your lineup is beneficial, like the days when Jeff Reboulet would beat up Randy Johnson)...Tiger stinks up the joint...Lakers, as I predicted all along, win the games they have to win with Kobe leading the way.

The Target Field press box is steaming this morning. Sid says it reminds him of the day Vesuvius blew.

I'm concentrating on Liriano-Jiminez today, and I'll blog off the game later.

Programming notes: I'm hosting the morning show Friday on 1500ESPN, from 9-noon. That's usually Colin Cowherd's spot, but ESPN is pre-empting him with World Cup soccer, and my station is pre-empting World Cup soccer with me. I'll have a bunch of guests on.

I'll be on the station tonight at 6-something with Joe Anderson.

Today, I'm doing the FSN pregame show, debating Tim Laudner, a little after 11:30 a.m.

Twitter name: Souhanstrib.

Mike Russo of startribune.com is reporting that Mike Ramsey has stepped down as a Wild assistant. Russo suggests Wes Walz could be his replacement. I know Walzie is a big favorite around here, but I don't like a hockey player who quits in the middle of a season for any reason. Aren't they supposed to be the toughest people in the world?

Reminder: Only one week remaining before the Wolves take the wrong guy in the draft!

Twins lineup does not feature Joe Mauer today. I wrote about this earlier in the week, to the consternation of many. It's not the manager's job to make you happy you bought a ticket. It's the manager's job to guide his team through a long season. He needs Mauer rested and healthy all year.

I don't like watching Drew Butera bat, either. I'd rather see Morales or Ramos up here, but Morales has been hurt and hasn't developed defensively, and Ramos clearly isn't ready.

My suggestion: Bring Morales up as a third catcher and pinch-hitter. I'd rather have him on the roster than Ron Mahay.

But please don't whine about Mauer being out of the lineup. It's a pretty simple routine: Gardenhire asks Mauer how he feels. If Mauer hedges, Gardenhire knows to give him a day off. He's got to do that.

The same people who complain about Mauer being out of the lineup today are the same people who would shred Gardenhire if Mauer's knees go bad in September because he was forced to play every day.

Plus, Tolbert has a better chance to hit a homer here, anyway.






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