BIG TEN, 2014

The Big Ten will realign into West and East football divisions in 2014, when Maryland and Rutgers join the conference. The Gophers will be in the West, which should be easier than their current situation in the Legends Division. Here’s a look at the eventual breakdown:


Team Current division Trend vs. Gophers

Illinois Leaders 3-10 since 1996

Iowa Legends 4-3 since 2006

Gophers Legends

Nebraska Legends 16-0 since 1963

Northwestern Legends 5-1 since 2007

Purdue Leaders 2-3 since 2008

Wisconsin Leaders 9-0 since 2004


Team Current division Trend vs. Gophers

Indiana Leaders 1-3 since 2005

Maryland — Met once, won in 1977

Michigan Legends 21-1 since 1987

Michigan State Legends 3-0 since 2010

Ohio State Leaders 24-1 since 1982

Penn State Leaders 4-0 since 2005

Rutgers — No previous meetings