Tweeted by @MoveTheSticks: "2012 Stats: Christian Ponder is averaging 5.98 yards per pass attempt. Adrian Peterson is averaging 6.04 yards per rush."

MEOW Wolves guard Alexey Shved posted a picture of a cat on the photo site Instagram, leading to the creation of a new site:

CAST OF CHARACTERS A timely tweet from @SportsPickle: "The state of Kentucky now contains Bobby Petrino, John Calipari and Rick Pitino.

As Adrian Peterson threatens 2,000 yards, I wondered on RandBall how the six teams with 2,000-yard rushers in NFL history fared. As it turns out, four of them made the playoffs (including the 1998 Broncos, who won the Super Bowl behind Terrell Davis), another had a good record but missed the playoffs, and the other went on a tear at the end of the year (2009 Titans) when its 2,000-yard rusher was on fire. Other web highlights: