Keith Madson, now age 72, became a crop adjuster for RCIS eight years ago, after he and his wife moved from southwest Minnesota to the St. Cloud area to be closer to their daughters and grandchildren.

In Storden, Minn., he'd been mayor for more than 15 years and a county commissioner for another 12 years, as well as running a human services agency for Cottonwood County. After the move, he says, he had the choice of babysitting or finding a job. In the end, the job found him when a former colleague recommended him to RCIS.

Madson works full time, and during the summer claims season sometimes puts in 60-hour weeks. "I love my job," Madson said. A self-proclaimed "people person," Madson relishes the opportunity to help farmers whose crops -- and livelihood -- have been damaged by drought, excess moisture, wind or hail.

Although climbing the vertical ladders on grain bins "gets harder every year," Madson said he plans to work "as long as the good Lord gives me the health to keep doing it. I can't see it any other way. I have two brothers who winter in Arizona -- I'd go crazy. I go play golf in Florida for a week every winter, and I'm ready to go home."