The fritted glass photo posted a few days ago showed, as I explained, an extreme example of fritting. Fritting is imposition on window glass of a visible pattern. That photo was taken at the Minneapolis Public Library, downtown branch. Fritting there is decorative. Below are photos of fritted glass intended to allow vision while making the window obvious from the outside. The idea in the current discussion is to let birds see windows so they don't try to fly through a reflection. In this case, the fritting consists of small white circles covering the glass at equal and small intervals. This fritting is closer to that which would be used in the Minnesota Vikings' new stadium, in the extremely long chance that the team agreed to use such glass. Added expense is always mentioned as a reason the team has expressed no interest in using fritted glass. A bigger reason, I believe, is that the glass has been ordered; production is underway. To replace that glass now certainly would impact the stadium construction schedule. I doubt if team owners and the sports facility authority would accept that delay. The first photo shows the glass from the inside looking out. The second photo is the reverse.

Below, the two panels of glass upper left have the fritted pattern.

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