First Avenue: OK, there aren’t many seats. But the best place to stand is on the steps next to or behind the sound mixing board. It’s obviously the best spot for sound and the slightly elevated sight lines to the stage are first-rate, too.

Xcel Energy Center: If you want to stand on the main floor and try to get as close as possible to your hero, go for it. We’d prefer a first-class seat, thank you. Specifically, Section 102, row 3, seat 1. Unless, it’s a super-deep stage, then opt for Section 103, same row and seat. You’re close enough to forget about the big-screen video and you have the option to sit (without obstructed view from standing fans) or stand.

Orpheum Theatre: Section 1 or 2, row F, seat 1. Never sit under the balcony.

Dakota Jazz Club: We’ve sat so close the artist could read our notebook. So we prefer a little more distance and depth. Book Table 142.