A look at prominent stakeholders in Best Buy Co. Inc.

Richard Schulze, founder: 73.35 million shares or 21.58 percent

Fidelity Investments: 24.2 million shares or 7.11 percent

Black Rock Inc. investment firm: 7.3 million shares or 2.14 percent

Brian Dunn, former chief executive: 1.2 million shares

Shari Ballard, executive vice president and president, international: 448,578 shares

James Muehlbauer, chief financial officer: 398,984 shares

Hatim Tyabji, chairman of the board: 148,250 shares

Ronald James, director: 74,532 shares

All directors and executive officers as a group (20 individuals, excluding Schulze): 3.6 million shares or 1 percent

Source: Best Buy regulatory filings, Bloomberg News