In a world of $6,000 carbon fiber bikes and $150 bike shorts, it’s hard to imagine finding useful bike gear for less than $10, but local bike bag company Banjo Brothers rings the bell with its $5.99 phone wallet. Built to hold a smartphone, credit cards and cash, the wallet comes with a plastic window that allows full use of a touch screen in the rain. A purveyor of tough and affordable bike gear, the Brothers design bags that attach to bicycle frames, seats or racks, along with messenger bags and backpacks. Much of their gear ranges from $12 to $80 and comes in ballistic fabric construction. A separate line of leather and canvas bags appeals to purists. Their support of many local bicycling causes keeps the Banjo Brothers team of Mike Vanderscheuren and Eric Leugers rooted near home. And no, they’re not brothers. They don’t even play the banjo, but fortunately neither of those things preclude them from dreaming up fantastic bike gear.