Wide receiver Bernard Berrian did an interview with Sirius NFL Radio on Monday and he didn't hold back his thoughts on fired coach Brad Childress with hosts Adam Schein and Rich Gannon.

Gannon asked Berrian if he was surprised that Childress was fired or if he felt something would happen.  

“Yeah, you could kind of see it was in the works," Berrian said, according to a transcript provided by Sirius." I mean, you know, a lot of management being around a lot all the time, and just the way things were going, and then that final loss against Green Bay, it was kind of the last straw I guess you could say.”
Schein asked Berrian to describe Childress' relationship with the players.
“I think it was a working relationship, I think is the best way to describe it," Berrian said. "I mean, couldn’t really, it wasn’t too friendly all the time. I mean, you don’t really need to be friends, but a working relationship is all that’s needed. I think that the biggest thing with him was just he was too confrontational.”
That prompted a follow-up question about whether Childress ultimately lost the locker room.
“Yeah, you could say it happened, yeah," he said. "I mean, yeah it did. I mean it just, I think people got to a point where it was just, it was too overbearing.”
"He was just confrontational," Berrian added. "I think that was the biggest thing. Instead of, you know, going to players like men and just talking and conversating about it, it was kind of brought to their attention in a confrontational way and just people just didn’t really conform to that way of, I guess, him talking and speaking to his team, or players individually.”


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