Vikings wide receiver Bernard Berrian doubled his season reception total Sunday. His second catch of the year came in the fourth quarter of a 22-17 loss at Kansas City, a key 20-yard grab on fourth down that kept the Vikings’ final touchdown drive alive. But to hear Berrian tell it, his unimpressive numbers for the 2011 season (two catches, 37 yards) are misleading and not a true indication of how often he has gotten open this season.

But then when a Vikings fan on Twitter – and not just any fan, but John Kriesel, a state representative – laughed at Berrian’s assertion, the veteran wide receiver did little to change the perception that he can be exceptionally thin-skinned, firing back from his @B_Twice Twitter account.

Tweeted Kriesel from his @johnkriesel account: “If you want to follow a hilarious twitter account, try @B_Twice (Bernard Berrian) who says that he’s open a lot and should get the ball more.”

Responded Berrian: "@johnkriesel Anytime u wanna watch the film with me. Not just one game but all of them. And if not sit down n shut up!!”

Turns out Kriesel is a veteran of the Iraq war and has had both of his legs amputated. So needless to say Berrian has drawn significant heat for the exchange already, not only for the insensitivity of his comments but even more so for his petulance and inability to block out outside criticism.

Late last week, Berrian had told the Star Tribune that the criticism was “getting easier and easier to deal with.”

“I hate to say this,” Berrian explained. "But it’s almost like you get used to it. Look, I can only control what I can do. And I can’t let myself get stressed out over things that I can’t control.”

This most reason Twitter outburst however seems to indicate otherwise. And it’s yet another sign that the frustrations of the Vikings’ 0-4 start are beginning to boil over.

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