Ty Wigginton, the infielder some people wanted to spend $20 million on a few years back, hit his two-run homer during a commercial break in Survivor -- so we saw all we needed during the first part of the game and waded through the muck for the final innings of the 2-0 loss.

(A note about Wigginton: If he played here, Wigginton would make Brendan Harris look like Ozzie Guillen on defense in his prime and Nick Punto look like Ozzie Smith. The man is a danger when he wears a glove.)

And the Twins were shut down by a threesome of pitchers who didn't have much history to show that would be possible.

It happens. You hold your breath waiting for the Twins to do the things that have made them successful for the first 4 1/2 weeks of the season and sometimes you turn blue. Apparently the biggest show at Target Field last night was the moth-eating bird who took up residence on the foul pole. The random cheering in the background was a bit like having the wave come around at the wrong time -- which is anytime -- but we're still having fun cheering for rain and the other novelties of plaing baseball outdoors.

So let's chalk up the bird cheers to the fun-is-good category, knowing the bird would have become a sideshow if the Twins had gotten a few more hits.

When Jim Thome batted against lefty Will Ohman with the bases loaded in the seventh, I was wondering if anyone else was thinking that might be a good opportunity for Delmon to pinch hit. I didn't say anything out loud because Ms. Baseball-219 is a Thomephile and, well, you know...

Then I was looking over my Twitter feeds today and saw Aaron Gleeman had tweeted the same thought.

Needless to say, when Thome struck out, it convinced me of the absolute rightness of my position even though the reality is that it was pretty much of a 50/50 call. Would you do it to show confidence in Delmon in the same way that Gardy batted Jason Kubel clean-up on Wednesday despite his struggles so far?

As someone who likes (or understands) most of Gardy's moves and the way he manages, those kinds of situations make for interesting, civil and sometimes contentious debate. The fact that managerial moves are up for review 162 times per season -- not counting Florida and the postseason -- means we have lots of chances to disagree and dose out what woulda, coulda and shoulda been.


One blog note: The creative folks who used to run firegardy.com got tired of, in their words, of being set up "as some sort of ringleaders of a misguided Anti-Gardy League here in the wild ol’ internet," have created Hitting the Foul Pole. They're smart, pretty funny, take good photos and are totally worth a bookmark.






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