The couple fell in love with their new Spring Lake Park home the moment they stepped through the door at an open house in the fall of 2012. Karen Ellingsworth and Lenny Grossman affectionately call their remodeled rambler "a dream come true," gushing about all the new finishes and fixtures as well as the neighborhood.

But one devilish little detail has always given them grief.

Their street number: 666.

"We are not superstitious, but all the stuff you get from other people," Grossman explained. "It's a pain."

The number 666 is the "number of the beast" in the Book of Revelation in the Bible's New Testament. Classic Hollywood horror films including "The Omen" and "Rosemary's Baby" and new shows including ABC's 666 Park Avenue connect 666 with satanic images or evil doing.

Grossman recalls their first inkling this address was going to be trouble. It was the sideways look the DMV clerk gave them when they changed their driver's licenses after the move. Then, both the fence and gutter contractors said doing working at 666 gave them pause.

'One of them said, 'I didn't even want to come here but I had to.' It's just these ignorant comments," said Grossman with a sigh.

Nearly every time they had to share their address, they got a comment or raised eyebrow.

On Monday, an understanding Spring Lake Park City Council, at the bequest of the couple, changed their street number to 668. The switch will cost the couple about $100.

That's money well spent, Grossman said.

"We are more than happy to do that," said City Administrator Daniel Buchholtz. "We can understand why they wanted to change that address."

"We are happy about it," Grossman said.

They aren't the first to dump a 666 address. In 1998, Fridley United Methodist Church changed its street number to 680, citing vandalism, especially around Halloween.