My buddy Josh&I headed out to one of his favorite south metro lakes for some bass action on Saturday morning.  We got to the ramp a little after 7am and there were not many spots left at this small ramp.  This lake is know for having some big largemouth bass.


It took us about 20-30 minutes to get dialed in to what the fish wanted, but once we did, it was pretty steady all day.  The bait of choice was weightless Lake Fork Ring Frys in shades of green pumpkin&watermelon rigged on 4/0 Youvella Super Strong OWG hooks.  Most of our fish were found around emerging lily pads and old pad root systems.  The slow enticing fall of these baits tempted in excess of 40 bass including a couple of heavyweight bruisers.  My two biggest were 5lbs 5oz&4lbs 10oz on a Rapala hand held scale.  We actually weighed our best 5 and they went 17lbs 13oz.  I need to run to the store before next weekend as we went through 3 full bags of Ring Frys in 7 hours.  It was great day and great start to the MN bass season!

4lb 10oz Largemouth Bass

More details at my Bassin Blog!

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