Barbara Bachman was upgraded to good condition at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester on Tuesday, 10 days after her husband was killed and she was stabbed in the abdomen by an attacker in Beijing.

In a statement released Tuesday afternoon, the clinic said: "Mrs. Bachman has made a remarkable recovery given the significance of her injuries. She continues to get stronger each day and as her strength improves she is able to do more."

Barbara Bachman suffered what were described as "significant and life-threatening" injuries when she and her husband, Todd, were attacked by a knife-wielding man during a tour of a historic tower in Beijing on Aug. 9.

The attacker, who apparently was a deranged man, jumped to his death moments later.

Todd Bachman, 62, the CEO of Bachman's Inc., died at the tower, and a tour guide was also injured in the attack. Barbara Bachman, also 62, spent a week in a Beijing hospital before she was transferred to the Mayo Clinic Friday in fair condition. Clinic officials said she had received "excellent care in China."

On Monday, her three daughters issued a statement saying she was "making incredible progress," and was able to walk short distances.

They also said funeral plans for their father would be delayed until their mother is well enough to attend. The Bachmans would have been married 40 years next year.

"Words cannot express how much we all miss our Dad," said a statement posted by daughters Elisabeth McCutcheon, Sara McGregor and Susan Bachman West on a Bachman company website. "We are still trying to comprehend why this happened to such a lovable, generous, and heroic man."

They added: "It has been difficult dealing with this tragic and sad event so far from home. We are so grateful for all of the love, prayers, and support that have been sent our way!"

On Aug. 9, Todd and Barbara Bachman had been visiting Beijing's historic Drum Tower as part of a tour group with their youngest daughter, Elisabeth, the day after the opening of the Olympic Games. They were in Beijing to cheer on Elisabeth's husband, Olympic volleyball coach Hugh McCutcheon.

The attack made headlines around the world and stunned family and friends in Minnesota, where the Bachmans are well known through the family-owned business of home and garden centers.

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