Rep. Michele Bachmann is spending money at almost the same frantic pace that she's raising it.

Bachmann, who has raised millions more than any other House candidate — and nearly every Senate candidate — spent $2.4 million in the first two weeks of October, Federal Election Commission filings show.

In the same two-week period, she also raised another $1.5 million, bringing her fundraising total to nearly $11 million.

Bachmann spent $672,000 on direct mail, and another $103,000 on “voter contact” mailings. She put $533,000 into salaries and overhead for media, and $462,000 for telemarketing.

Bachmann has $2.5 million remaining in the bank as of Oct. 13, the close of the pre-general election filing period.

State Sen. Tarryl Clark, Bachmann's Democratic challenger, raised $312,000 in the first two weeks of October, bringer her total to more than $4 million. She spent $552,000 the first half of October and has $614,000 left in the bank.

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