On the Don Wade & Roma show on WLS in Chicago on Monday, Republican presidential contender Michele Bachmann said wage earners should keep all of their earnings.

The radio show repeated a question posed by a student named Tyler during a Florida debate. The question, which Bachmann did not have a chance to answer during the debate, was: "Out of every dollar that I earn, how much do you think that I deserve to keep?"

"I think he deserves to keep every part of the dollar that he earns," Bachmann said Monday to cheers from her radio hosts.

"That's the right answer," host Roma said.

"It's his labor and too many people think that government owns that money when Tyler is the one that earned it," Bachmann said.

"The equation is all wrong. Now government says hey we want to spend this money, you better go out and earn it so that we can spend it. Government just assumes that all of our money belongs to them. That's what's wrong with government today," she continued.

Bachmann's campaign spokesman and woman did not respond to a request for clarification of what exactly Bachmann meant and if she would do away with taxes.

The congresswoman also said during the interview that she was surprised by Jay Leno's questions on the Tonight show and that running for president isn't for "pantywaists."

Listen to the whole thing here.

Kevin Diaz contributed to this report

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