Rep. Michele Bachmann, congressional queen of the Tea Party, has set her sights on a high-ranking House leadership post, but the Republican House leadership is decidedly cool to the idea.
She's running for the GOP Conference Chair in the House., the fourth-highest party post in the chamber.
A few problems, though: Presumptive House Speaker John Boehner is endorsing no one. His lieutenants are lining up behind Rep. Jeb Hensarling of Texas, leaving no doubt that Hensarling — and not Bachmann — is the leadership favorite to chair the GOP conference.
"There are few who have done as much for the Republican team as Jeb," the expected House majority leader, Eric Cantor of Virginia, said in a statement. Departing conference chairman Mike Pence of Indiana also has endorsed Hensarling, calling him "one of the most principled conservatives in Congress." 
Bachmann, according to a letter to colleagues obtained by Politico, has made the case that she brings “strong principled conservative values, a proven level of experience, effectiveness with our friends in the local and national media, and an energetic national constituency that reflects the results of Tuesday night.” 

“It is important that our conference demonstrate to the people who sent us here that their concerns will be tirelessly advanced at the table of leadership,” she wrote.
 Bachmann's contribution to the GOP's election gains is undisputed and GOP leaders widely praise her fundraising prowess. But she's also made GOP leaders cringe more than once with over-the-top and uninformed statements.
They have not taken up her unsubstantiated claim, for example, that President Obama's upcoming trip to India will cost "$200 million per day." Asked on CNN where she got that number, she attributed the figure to unnamed press reports.
 The Associated Press contributed to this post.

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