"Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it," wrote Russell Baker. Define "suffer." Too hot, too wet, too dry or too cool? Most years it's hard getting the weather ingredients just right.

After a warm bias into July there's every indication August will trend cooler than average. That may explain walking around in a sweatshirt and shorts this morning. Looking out one to two weeks, wake-up temperatures will be in the 50s, even a few 40s Up North. In August? Yep.

Once again weather systems are stalling and stagnating. A persistent swirl of cold low pressure will cycle a series of Canadian fronts into Minnesota into mid-August. The upside: no sticky, icky 70-degree dew points, less risk of severe storms.

Today should be the nicer, milder, drier day of the weekend with upper 70s and a need for sunscreen. A steep lapse rate (unusually cold air aloft) means a better chance of showers and T-storms Sunday. As a general rule, highs reach the 70s to 80, but models show a warming trend the latter half of August. A hot front for the fair? You betcha!