Minnesota received federal grants worth nearly $46 million to hire outside contractors to work across various state agencies to build the MNsure health insurance exchange. Four companies played key roles.


Maximus: The Reston, Va.-based company is the lead contractor. Its expertise came in running call centers and administering government programs in the U.S. and internationally. The $1.2 billion public company has a hand in state-based exchanges in New York, Connecticut, Hawaii, Vermont and Maryland as well as the federal site.


Connecture: The Brookfield, Wis., company designed the shopping and enrollment platforms similar to those they built for more than half the Blue Cross Blue Shield websites across the U.S. and is working with the exchange in the District of Columbia and Maryland.


EngagePoint: The Fort Lauderdale, Fla., company designed the billing and other financial management activities. It also serves as the system integrator, making sure the parts work together.


IBM/Curam: The Dublin, Ireland, subsidiary determines eligibility for Medicaid and private insurance, as well as federal tax credits.