Ryan A. Gasior, who was accused of abusing his 7-week-old son last winter, causing brain bleeding, rib fractures and broken leg bones, was given a stayed sentence Wednesday and put on probation for a total of seven years.

Gasior, 22, of Farmington, was charged last March in Dakota County District Court with first- and third-degree assault and felony malicious punishment of a child. He pleaded guilty in October to third-degree assault; the remaining charges were dismissed. At the same hearing, he pleaded guilty to domestic assault by strangulation for an incident involving his girlfriend, the child’s mother, last February.

District Judge Kathryn Messerich ordered Gasior to serve a year in jail. Because he has already been in jail for 240 days — two-thirds of the sentence — his time on that charge is finished. Messerich gave him a 15-month stayed prison sentence and probation.

He was sentenced to 180 days in jail for the domestic assault and was given credit for 95 days he has served on that charge. He also was given an additional three years on probation, until 2021.

According to the charges, Gasior watched his son for several hours at a time while his girlfriend was at work. In late January 2012, the girlfriend sensed something was wrong with the baby and took him to the hospital, where doctors found nothing amiss. The mother persisted, though, and on Feb. 17, doctors found new and healing femur fractures. Two days later, a CT scan showed bleeding on both sides of the boy’s brain, and on March 4, seven broken ribs were discovered.

Gasior initially told investigators story after story about how the baby was injured. Eventually he admitted shaking his son, saying “he was stressed at work and frustrated with how [his girlfriend] acted toward him,” the criminal complaint said.

The domestic assault charge stemmed from an incident Feb. 15 in which Gasior tried to strangle his girlfriend after they argued about her having contact on a social network with someone he didn’t like.

The girlfriend said in March that the baby has recovered but doctors couldn’t predict how his injuries might affect him later in life.

Gasior also was convicted in October 2012 for domestic assault by strangulation. For that, he served 33 days in jail.