Interpose: New paintings by Shawn McNulty and James Wrayge

Opening Saturday: At their best, abstract paintings follow an internal logic that’s subtly apparent in their design, colors, balance, texture and other artful nuances. McNulty and Wrayge are masters of that craft whose latest, large-scale (up to 6 feet wide) compositions strike a harmonious balance between structure and gesture, planning and spontaneity. Working with thin veils of oil pigment, Wrayge produces poetic canvases in moody, atmospheric shades of gray. McNulty emphasizes texture by layering on acrylic paints, scraping the surfaces, re­applying color and carving again with palette knives to reveal pentimenti and the underlying architecture of each image as in “Tycoon,” seen here. (Opening 7-10 p.m. Sat., free. Rosalux Gallery, 1400 NE. Van Buren St., No. 195, Mpls. Ends Nov. 30.