Hoping to score a steal on an original iPad now that iPad2 is out? A quick check on Craigslist Monday morning showed more than 30 iPads (mostly 16GB) are generally selling between $320 to $400 in the Twin Cities area. The original 16GB iPad sold for $500, the 32GB for $600 and the 64Gb for $700. No steals are out there yet, but be patient. 




Experts are saying that early adopters who already had the original iPad should upgrade to an iPad2 only if they want video calling, using Skype or Apple's faceTime. IPad2 has a front facing camera for face-to-face calls and a back-facing camera for showing video callers what you're watching. There is also a slight spec jump in processor speed and the addition of a couple of multimedia apps. 

What's the magic number out there before you bite? $300? $275?