Short answer: probably. We'll get to that. First: This can’t be right. From today’s Strib:

DES MOINES, Iowa - The Midwest's first major snowstorm of the season was sweeping across several states early Thursday, shuttering schools, creating treacherous roadways and threatening to slow down one of the nation's busiest airports ahead of the holiday weekend.

If that was the first, what did we have a few weeks ago? Was that not a “storm” because the snow fell at a consistent gentle pace, without the wind whipping it around? Possibly. But the Weather Channel called it Caesar - they name the storms now, you know. So it was the third storm. This means the one that moved through the Midwest was Winter Storm Event Draco. No one will call it that, except for the Weather Channel. Hurricanes are easier to name because they hit specific places. Coasts. Storms that lumber across vast swaths of the country do not need names.

CRIME TODAY A few highlights from the Crime Blotter.

Whereupon a drunk man got out said “I give up. Thish ice is too thick”: 

Recovered. A fish house stolen out of Isanti County was found in a parking lot on the 100 block of 83rd Avenue NE.

That’s got to be twenty packs, at least:

Theft. More than $2,300 worth of cigarettes were stolen from SuperAmerica, 5205 Vernon Av.

Can’t you just pour gravy over it, Felix?

Assistance. A woman called police to report that she left her apartment two hours prior to the call to take her pregnant sister to the hospital and she forgot she had left chicken cooking in the oven. The apartment was on the 5200 block of Bryantwood Drive. An officer and the apartment manager turned off the oven, opened windows and turned on a fan to air the apartment out.

Stay on the line and remain calm, sir; the police are on their way:

Animal complaint. The owner of Edward Jones Investments, 5159 Main St. E., called police to report that a squirrel came into the business when the door was opened. It exited through the door a short time later.

Edward Jones, by the way, was founded by Edward D. Jones in 1922. Wikipedia notes that this is not the Edward D. Jones who co-founded Dow Jones. There; you just learned something. 

One Adam-12, One Adam-12, see the man, tell him to get a life:


Traffic report. Someone reported there was mud on the road at County Road 30 and County Road 10.


RETAIL There are almost 400 Apple stores in the world. Giz did a piece on some bad behavior at Texas outlet, and subsequently received emails about shenanigans at other stores. Seems that some tech-repair employees look at people’s private information, and the jerks who have no regard for their jobs or responsibilities trash inventory for the fun of it.

There are—and will always be—miscreants in every job. Miners, lawyers, cooks, Geniuses—there's no industry that's immune to misbehavior. But when emails arrived in droves repeating the same naughty phenomena, you have to wonder why a company whose rep is as sterling as Apple's seems to have such a pattern of internal havoc. Employees lamented how the company's "culture has declined significantly," that the former "culture is definitely not there anymore." One former employee who had opened retail stores across North America and Asia claimed "The corruption within Apple goes straight to the top. That is why I left, I couldnt tolerate it anymore. Under Mr. Cook, Apple is fracturing from the inside out."

Uh huh. Before, when a Genius saw someone looking through a customer’s private information, he shouted “what are you doing? Steve would be appalled!” It’s likely this goes on, but how widespread is it? Unverified emails do not necessarily mean “a pattern of internal havoc.” That said, you should expect someone’s going to go through your drive, because the world abounds with poorly socialized nerds who regard all information as something to which they are automatically entitled. For the lulz, if nothing else.

So write a little script that automatically takes a picture of the user when opened, change the icon to a folder, name it “Private,” and present the evidence to the store manager.

For the lulz, if nothing else.