By Todd Nelson, filling in for Paul Douglas:

News flash! It's going to get colder ... finally. Are you surprised? Honestly, I wasn't sure if it would ever happen at the rate we were going. Good grief. It was only a little more than two weeks ago that we had our first frost (officially) in the Twin Cities, ending the longest growing season on record of 220 days. We recently just had our second-warmest November and the warmest October through November on record.

Get this: Fairbanks, Alaska, dipped to 35 degrees on Sunday for the first time in two winters! Also, the mercury in Anchorage, Alaska, finally dipped to zero, ending the second-longest streak between zero-degree readings there. Did you hear that the Arctic sea ice was at its second-lowest extent on record? Something strange is happening to our climate.

Six to 10 inches of snow pile up in northwestern Minnesota today while single-digit windchills numb faces statewide Wednesday through Friday. I am happy to report that days start getting longer in about two weeks! Hello, winter!