Here's a little snippet from a CBS Sports report cropped from a SLAM interview with Allen Iverson (the SLAM link isn't working for us right now, hence the link to the second-hand report:

"I want to finish my career out in the NBA, if that's possible," Iverson said. "And that's in any capacity. I did a lot of things, I made a lot of mistakes as far as my actions and things that I've said, and I think that was the reason for me not being in the NBA. My whole thing now in trying to get back is letting any organization know that I'm willing to play any part that they want me to play."

Iverson is 36 but says he's fully healed from the injury that caused him to miss most of last season in Europe. He went to Europe largely because he couldn't find an NBA team that wanted him -- and, more specifically, wanted him in the role that he wanted to play.

That's why the last part of what Iverson said is important. He's acknowledging that he'll play any role for any team.

A veteran point guard who would draw in fans and is (allegedly) ready to take on a reserve role? We're not saying it's a good idea. We're not saying it isn't a crazy idea. We are saying it's a fun idea to think about Iverson on the Wolves, backing up the Rubio lad.

Any thoughts?


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