Students at Math and Science Academy managed to squeeze another week out of their summer vacations.

While most area schools returned to classes Tuesday morning, the start of the school year at the Woodbury charter school – grades 6-12 – was pushed back to Monday, Sept. 9, because ongoing construction.

“With the weather at the beginning and some unexpected delays such as a well 75 feet below surface needing to be capped, etc. we are at this point,” the school’s executive director, Bob Kreischer, said in a letter to parents and teachers posted on the school’s website.

As a result, the last day of school will be June 10.

The ongoing project, which has faced several delays, involves the construction of a gymnasium and 10 additional classrooms to handle student overflow.

Kreischer also said that orientation for sixth and seventh graders, originally scheduled for Aug. 28 and 29, was rescheduled. Orientation for eighth through 12th graders was held on Aug. 29.

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