Anoka County, one of the first in the state to adopt a wheelage tax to help maintain roads and bridges, has repealed the $5-per-vehicle charge. The tax will rise to $10 on Jan. 1 in counties that already have it and be $10 in counties that newly implement it.

"I think it's better to get the money for roads from our general revenue," Commissioner Robyn West said. "Five dollars doesn't seem like much. But then it doubles. It's going to increase in the future without our consent.

"We didn't have a choice."

Repeal had been discussed by board members for at least two months. They made the move last week on a 5-2 vote, with West joined by Rhonda Sivarajah, Matt Look, Julie Braastad and Scott Schulte. Carol LeDoux and Jim Kordiak voted to retain the tax.

In 2006, Anoka County became Minnesota's second — after Dakota — to pass the wheelage tax. Board members who backed repeal said the $1.3 million to $1.4 million raised each year would not be passed on to property owners.