Billed as the greatest shooting show on earth, the annual Ahlman’s Shooters Roundup will be held this weekend at Ahlman’s in Morristown, Minn.
On tap are:
• Seven stages of entertainment, including two live bands, two food courts and plenty of shooting contests, with prizes.
• Shooting demonstrations by Tim Bradley of Benelli (, the Gould Brothers stunt shooters and “Pistol Packin’ Paula, ’’ author of “Gun twirling for beginners.’’ (
• For those seeking a little something different, try the Zombie Safari. New this year, shooters and their ATV-driving guides climb aboard for a half-mile journey into the Valley of the Undead, which — as you might expect — is swarming with zombies. Here’s the good part: You are armed with a 9mm pistol and an AR and you get to shoot your way out. There is a $20 ammo fee.
• Author Steven Ulmen will be on hand to discuss his book, “Blood on the prairie,’’ about the Sioux uprising during the era of the Civil War.
• The old favorites also will be back, including: test firing of machine guns, dog jumping contests, gun fight at Fort Ahlman, “Get the sniper’’ event and the Dante and Tina Bullwhip Show.
Or, you could go to the State Fair and try to win a stuffed animal shooting pop guns.
Your choice.
More information is at


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