Add the brown marmorated stink bug to the list of Minnesota's invasive insects. The State Department of Agriculture reported yesterday that the first bug was found in Hennepin County. It's not exactly unexpected.




Star Tribune photo

The  bug -- which looks a little like a miniature armored tank --   has been making a nuisance of itself across the Eastern United States since 2001. Native to Asia, the pest was first identified in the U.S. in Pennsylvania. It has since been reported across the mid-Atlantic region, in Oregon and in other states. In large numbers it can cause significant damage to some crops and fruit -- and your vegetable garden.

 The bugs also have an annoying tendency to become home invaders in the fall. When the weather cools, they seek warm places. But unlike Asian lady beetles, which do the same thing, the stink bug, well, stinks.

Below is a video from the University of Maryland which explains how to protect your home.  To find out more, go to  the 'University of Maryland web site. 



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