Jeanette Trompeter struck a chord here.

I don't think I have ever received so many e-mails with the word "our" in them. Readers are overwrought about WCCO-TV laying off the anchor. This installment of the mail bag begins with one from Dave Engdahl of Mankato, who wrote, "Why our Jeanette?" in the subject line.

"Jeanette was one of the two reasons I even watch WCCO, the other being Don Shelby. Both are CLASS ACTS," Engdahl wrote. "How are you going to screw up next, 'CCO? Management usually sucks everywhere; here's proof. What an injustice."

And now, poetry from e-mailer Don Montgomery:

"Jeanette Trompeter, crushed to the earth, shall rise again,

While WCCO wounded, writhes in pain and dies amid its worshippers."

In Hutchinson's hair

Reader Deborah Ronglein sent a note saying she had had as much to do with the improvement in KSTP-TV's Anne Hutchinson's hair as I did.

"Enjoyed your comments on Anne Hutchinson's hair today. Please give the viewers some credit for her new look. I sent this e-mail to Anne on Dec. 19, 2008, with suggestions to her stylist and noticed within two weeks her transformation had begun. We do have influence, too!"

Ronglein's e-mail to Hutch read like this: "We enjoyed you on KSTP for some time now and often comment on what a pretty girl you are. Just a suggestion for your hairstylist. Add a few low lights for some extra dimension. Studio lighting will be less harsh and if you choose to use hair extensions they will blend in well, too!"

And in Jana's hair

Enough about Hutch was the tone of Nancy Kosteliz's e-mail that read "So, what about Jana Shortal of KARE11? Talk about someone needing a makeover." Kosteliz definitely doesn't like this reporter: "Certainly KARE11 could have hired a good reporter, one [who] is eye-pleasing to the audience and camera and someone [who] can smile!!! What's your take on this?"

Shortal is a great reporter, and her take on your e-mail was priceless.

"It's not surprising that someone is contacting you about how ugly they think I am," Shortal said via voice mail. "That's been hounding me for years. Am I tired? Yeah, I'm tired. About my HAIR? It's less than an inch long so I really don't know what their beef is. Some people just don't like it. I really don't care. Later."

Now, Julie's eyebrows

You guys are all up in Julie Nelson's eyebrows, where there appears to have been an altitude change.

"Just wondering," wrote R. Storie. "Did Julie Nelson have an eye lift? Her eyebrows are really different. I don't recall them being that pointy."

I got into a dialogue with e-mailer Ann Bryant about Nelson. "What's the deal with Julie's eyebrows. Her left eyebrow has a 'surprised' look, and her right one looks like she's frowning. What happened?"

Normally, Nelson returns my phone calls, but she apparently has drawn the line at responding to inquiries regarding facial tweaking.

No vendetta here

Morgan Bell accused me of having a vendetta against Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald Jr. "It does seem as if your Fitz watch is more revengeful than anything else," Bell wrote in a most lengthy e-mail. "You've only made yourself look bad."

Dear Morgan:

No vendetta here. I do think that instead of looking to fellow playas and coaches for advice how to treat the mother of his child, Jr. might want to behave the way his father, Larry Fitzgerald Sr., did with his wife, Carol, now deceased.

The more I learned about Jr. during all that Super Bowl coverage, the greater my suspicion that he's a hard head.


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