Some people say we're a little obsessed with Carl Pavano's mustache, but we say this: 1) A lot of people are. 2) Would a mustache-obsessed person spend part of a day off compiling screen grabs from various Pavano starts? We rest our case. In any event, please do enjoy this. We'll be in Milwaukee tonight starting off the Great Baseball Road trip. Field reports and other nonsense to follow. But now, the evolution of the Pavstache in 8 parts (via, all photo grabs link to video highlights of corresponding game. ).

Twins vs. Orioles, May 6; Twins vs. White Sox, May 12; Twins vs. Blue Jays, May 18; Twins vs. Brewers, May 23.



Twins vs. Rangers, May 29; Twins vs. Mariners, June 3; Twins vs. Rockes, June 15; Twins vs. Phillies, June 20.




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