Nothing interesting on the internet this week, if you're not bent on elevating "Lemonade" to the status of Beethoven's 9th. . BuzzFeed, usually a dependable source of drivel and tripe, was reduced to "What Type Of Grilled Cheese Are You?" - the answer to which should be "the dead kind" in every example, because you could not survive the agonizing process of melting and grilling.

Well, there's this: The art of the North Korean subway system.

Pyongyang Metro is surely one of the most mysterious, yet beautiful transit systems on earth, each station uniquely themed in ultra-nationalism, parading North Korea’s revolutionary goals and achievements to impressionable commuters.

I'm not sure "impressionable" is the right word. It's not as though the iconography is trying to persuade anyone of anything. Everything just reinforces omnipresent TRUTH. It's an interesting gallery, because you might not have seen extensive photos of their underground. It's also depressing, in the way most photoshoots of North Korea are depressing. The monumental dead emptiness of everything. On a larger scale, there's news:

Supernova explosions continue to shower Earth with cosmic rays or radioactive debris, according to a new study, bolstering beliefs that supernovas have previously affected our own planet.

Given the distances and the tiny size of planets, it's amazing anything hits us. Yes, I know, gravity, but it seems as likely as throwing a grain of sand towards North Dakota and hits a golf ball in mid-flight.

TECH This quote shouldn't be surprising: "Talking to other dog owners, we realized there were no good ways for pet owners to interact with their pets remotely." That's because "remote interaction" with pets is a broken concept. If they can't smell you, you're not there.