If you're anything like me (and again, my sympathies), you love maps. Not of the historical kind, but of the visual storytelling kind, the number of which continues to rise thanks to a new era of data visualization. 

Below are just a few digital snapshots that have been released in the past month or so. (Map of "Map Demand By State" forthcoming.) 

In honor of the Fourth of July holiday, a look at America by the numbers. 

Fireworks Regulations by State 


Well-Being Index by State 

(Source: Washington Post

Opportunity Index by State 

Largest Company by Revenue in Each State 

People Living in Poverty by State 

Key takeaway: One-quarter of Americans live in "poverty areas." (Source: Slate.com.)

Cause of Death Most Disproportionately Affecting Each State 


Days Each State Will See Over 95 Degrees in the Coming Decades

Governors by State who Accept Climate Science 

Happy Independence Day! 

Do you have a favorite map from the past month? Post it to the comments! 

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