1. Michigan State (14-2): Until the Spartans lose to someone other than Duke or North Carolina, I'm sold.

2. Indiana (14-1): With victories over Kentucky and Ohio State notched, who has bigger wins?

3. Ohio State (14-2): Player of the Year candidate Jared Sullinger is back, and the No. 6 Buckeyes just clobbered Nebraska.

4. Michigan (12-3): Thursday's two-point defeat at Indiana was the Wolverines' first conference loss; No. 19 Wisconsin is looming.

5. Wisconsin (12-4): Game-tying three-pointer overturned against Michigan State. Back-to-back losses have knocked the Badgers to the edge of the top 25.

6. Purdue (12-4): The Boilermakers blew out Illinois -- then stumbled in a blowout loss to Penn State.

7. Illinois (13-3): This former top 25 team is falling quickly after losses in three of its past six games.

8. Iowa (10-6): After a rocky nonconference schedule, the Hawkeyes upset Wisconsin, nearly beat Purdue and held off the Gophers.

9. Gophers (12-4): One of two winless teams in the conference; the Gophers have played three close games.

10. Nebraska (8-6): Winless in conference play, with double-digit losses against Wisconsin, Michigan State and Illinois.

11. Northwestern (11-4): Only conference win came at home against struggling Penn State, and after a one-point loss at home to Illinois, the schedule gets tougher.

12. Penn State (9-7): Win against Purdue, but also a double-digit loss against Northwestern and the worst overall winning percentage in the conference.