Houston Highways Underwater!!

Unreal... I've never seen anything like this... This is I-610 in Houston, TX, which is underwater!

Training Storms Bring Unimaginable Rain

Harvey has stalled over Texas allowing catastrophic amounts of rain to fall across parts of eastern Texas. The situation is dire for many in and around Houston where 20"+ rain has already fallen. There have been reports of at least 6 deaths and more than 1,000 water rescues since Saturday. There are also reports of people being trapped in their attics as the flood waters rise in their homes. Emergency responders have been working non-stop to get to people in life-threatening situations. A CIVIL EMERGENCY message has been sent out, telling people to NOT go into the attic in fear that they could become trapped. At last resort, they should seek shelter on the roof of their home!

Life-Threatening Rainfall and Flooding

This is a VERY serious situation in Houston, where rapidly rising waters will continue to inundate homes and roads. It is very possible that many could become trapped in their homes and even attics, which has already been happening. A CIVIL EMERGENCY message has been sent out, telling people to NOT go into the attic in fear that they could become trapped. At last resort, they should seek shelter on the roof of their home!


KHOU11 Taking on Water

There has been so much rain that even a TV station in Houston is taking on water and they are moving upstairs!

Simulated Radar
Here's the simulated radar from Sunday to Monday night, which shows a very slow movement on HARVEY. This will help to prolong the tornado and catastrophic flooding threat over the next few days.
 Heavy Rain Continues
Catastrophic flooding will still be likely over the next few days with some spots still seeing upwards of 2ft. to 3ft. or more, mainly across southern Texas. Areas like San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christie, Houston and Galveston may see some of the heaviest tallies with up to 3ft.+ possible!
HARVEY Just Before Landfall on Friday
Here's a visible satellite image loop of HARVEY just before landfall on Friday night. Note how impressive the eye was, which at this point was a category 4 storm with 130mph sustained winds.
HARVEY From PM Friday to Saturday
Here's an impressive satellite loop, which shows HARVEY as a major category 4 storm from Friday night to a tropical storm as of Saturday. While the significant wind threat is over, heavy rain is still expected to be the main threat.
Widespread Damage
The reports from Rockport, TX are bleak. Significant to catastrophic damage is being reported across much of the area and the storm isn't over yet. While the strongest of winds have subsided, widespread flooding rains will continue across much of the region. Here's a story from CNN about the storm
HARVEY Tornado Threat
WOW! I'd say the NWS has been busy. This tweet was sent out Saturday afternoon, which showed all the tornado warnings that were issued across Texas since Friday. Unfortunately, additional tornadoes and flooding will be likley over the next few days.
Hurricane Harvey made landfall late Friday night near Port Aransas and Port O'Connor Texas as a Category 4 storm with sustained winds up to 140mph! Interestingly, this was the first category 4 storm to make landfall with the United States since Charlie in 2004. As of AM Sunday, HARVEY was a tropical storm with sustained winds of 45mph. While the strongest of winds is over, the catastrophic rain threat will continue through the rest of the weekend and into the week. This storm will bascially stall over the area and bring widespread heavy rainfall to many locations, some of which could see totals approaching 2ft to 3ft. !!
 Tracking HARVEY
Here's the official track for HARVEY through the middle/end of next week, which shows stalling over Texas, which will help to prolong areas of heavy rain over the same areas over the next several days. Widespread flooding potential will continue over the next several days in these areas.

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