Nerves? What nerves.

Aaron Rodgers looked scared, tentative and amateurish in the first half. True, he dealt with a pass rush, but he was tentative and invited a rush with his indecisiveness.

Brett Favre, meanwhile, was again brilliant. He threw maybe one poor pass in the first half, leading Percy Harvin a tad too much toward the sideline during the two-minute drill. Otherwise, this was like a Favre highlight film, if he had worn a white-with-purple-trim jersey when he played in Green Bay.

He went 11-for-15 for 97 and a touchdown and no interceptions in the first half, and he not only didn't look nervous, he was composed enough to look off safeties before making many of his best throws.

His 14-yarder to Sidney Rice in the two-minute drill _ Favre looked right, then came back quickly to Sidney and threw a laser that beat double-coverage.

Packer fans booed their own team more loudly at the end of the half than they did Favre at the beginning of the game.

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