Aldi, the discount supermarket with more than 20 locations in the Twin Cities, is a low price leader on many things, including live garden plants. Today is the first day of the hanging basket sale. Ten-inch hanging baskets are $5. At least that's the price in the Aldi on Lake Street in Minneapolis. Normally they are $6, still an excellent buy.

Unfortunately, the baskets already looked a bit ragged on day one. I saw begonias, petunias and Gerbera daisies, but the foliage was often lopsided or straggly. The baskets looked better last year. That might explain why they were discounted.

Quality will vary by location, but it's worth a check. Remember to save your receipt, because Aldi's return policy is unconditional. I bought the Gerbera daisies last year and they barely survived a month. But Aldi refunded my money.

 Shop today or tomorrow on the baskets. They sell quickly and the longer they spend in the store the worse they look. At these prices, I guess you can't expect much TLC.