Small sample sizes being what they are, it's not quite fair yet to include Carlos Gomez in the list of players Minnesota sports fans will inevitably complain about for years to come because we used to have him and now he's so much better somewhere else. Go-Go has 11 homers, including two on Monday against the Twins, while doing all his usual Gomez things on defense and the base paths. Maybe he's finally on his way to becoming the player the Twins hoped they were getting in the Johan Santana trade.

Only now he plays for the Brewers.

Near the forefront of the loves we lost list has to be David Ortiz, the slugger who had some decent early seasons in Minnesota and then became one of the best sluggers of the past decade with the Red Sox.

Nick Leddy and that gruesome Cam Barker trade also comes to mind. Leddy is logging major minutes for the Blackhawks and looks like a long-term puck-moving defenseman. Leddy hurt extra bad because he is a local kid.

Wolves fans of a certain ilk will always be haunted by Brandon Roy/Randy Foye, while others STILL lament how Ray Allen, albeit briefly, was one of us.

Rich Gannon fought for playing time with the Vikings; in Oakland, he was an NFL MVP.

As a diversion from complaining about the weather ... we ask for your other great Minnesota sports regrets -- players who went on to stardom after failing to stick or last here -- in the comments.

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