I have a lot of friends who are way into all-things hunting gear and I'm a bit of a gear-freak myself. When it comes to deer season I have a product (or many products) for all aspects of my hunt. Laundry detergent, toothpaste, bowsights, camo everything, coolers, ladders, cameras, saws....I'm hunting with my son this weekend in Wisconsin and it's a little embarrassing how much gear we'll bring for two days of hunting.

Although I'm geared up for this season, I just picked up a pair of must-have boots for anyone who's ever gone to the bar after a deer hunt (that's pretty much everyone!).... Minnesota manufacturer Red Wing/Irish Setter recently introduced the Bar Boot!

These are a stylish and comfortable after-hunt boot with a gum-rubber sole. No slipping for me as I make my way to the bar this season! And with 1" of rubber I can walk in most Wisconsin bars without getting beer on the leather!
Click here for more details on the Bar Boot.

Happy Hunting!

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