Hair in non-whipped state

Hair in non-whipped state

Advice from America’s tiniest popstar who isn’t named Justin: Willow Smith, who was an internet sensation with “Whip my Hair.” Of course, an unusually long cat was also an internet sensation for about 17 minutes, but she has spunk and verve and is regularly described as “fierce” by people who confuse the term with frowning at the camera. She’s given an interview about her philosophy:


Willow describes her style as "punk rock meets preppy" and said her musical idols include Billy Idol — "his music is really tight," she explains — and Lady Gaga.


"She's really nice," Willow said of Gaga. "She's really awesome because she cares about everybody and she writes songs about herself and everybody."


Willow said she wants her music to help everyone to follow his or her own path, "to be individuals and do what they think is good and just be themselves."

That’s sweet, and sounds very positive and empowering, but if one was to quibble about semantics, one might say it is important to do what is good, not how one defines it, since these are often self-serving definitions based on transient emotional evaluations. Also, being one’s self sounds good, but if taken to its logical extreme it means having no brakes on your own behavior, and mistaking indulgence for authenticity.


So be careful about personal advice from nine-year-olds, that’s all we’re saying. She also says she wants to be famous "like Mommy and Daddy," which is just too sweet. Or the beginning of steely-eyed world domination. Which would still be cute. 

Here is the song, if you haven't heard it. I gather she whips her hair back and forth:


Willow Smith - Whip My Hair ( Official Video HD )
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