In the coming weeks, you may start to see more advertisements on local broadcast and cable TV stations touting the use of soy-based biodiesel fuel.

A large group of soybean farmers have started a campaign to illustrate how using soy-based biodiesel improves air quality by reducing harmful emissions from vehicles.

"We want to open the consumer's eyes to the reality of emissions from vehicles that run on petroleum," said Bill Zurn, a farmer from Becker County who serves as chair of the Minnesota Soybean New Uses Action Team. "There is a positive message here in the use of alternative fuels."

In July, the percentage of diesel fuel sold in Minnesota containing biodiesel will rise from 5 percent to 10 percent. Minnesota was the first state to require biodiesel in all diesel fuel.

"We recognize biodiesel as a clean air choice because of its ability to significantly reduce tailpipe emissions and help lessen our exposure to air pollutants," said Bob Moffit, communications director for the American Lung Association.

In addition to the television spot, Minnesota Soybean will also use online and social media ads to raise awareness about using alternative fuel sources.

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