Additional reader responses to the question, "Would YOU stand by this man?":

"Why do they [stand by their man]?" I suspect because so much of these women's identities are wrapped up in who their husband is -- his job title, his power, his high income. Would I stand by my man? No. But I'd not let my marriage get to the point where my husband was seeking the services of a prostitute. (I think it's just this simple: "Take care of your man or someone else will.") I think prostitution should be legal, and I also believe that when someone goes outside their marriage for sex (or "comfort" of any

kind), it's a symptom that there is something wrong with the marriage, someone is not getting something they need.

Angela Nims, West St. Paul

Would I stand by my husband's side as he airs his dirty laundry to the world? Ha! Not in a million years. Even my husband asks what's with these women who stand at the podium with their lousy, lying men? These women don't see their husband's career as his individual career, but as something they are part of as well, and they see their support as something they can do to help salvage that career. The end result is always the same...they just look like gullible fools.

Ann Lloyd, St. Louis Park

When I saw the press conference yesterday afternoon, my heart sank when I saw Mrs. Spitzer walk out to the podium with him. My feeling is she was still in shock, because I believe she found out that morning, that her husband had cheated on her with prosititutes.

But, I sincerely wish, that if they both believe there is any shred of hope to salvage their marriage, that Mr. & Mrs. Spitzer see a good therapist and give it their best efforts. Some couples have come back from cheating. I've never been a fan or Eliot Spitzer, but I said a prayer for the couple and their beautiful daughters that no matter what happens, he shows remorse and changes his ways and that they eventually come to some sort of peace and forgiveness.

Kelly Gunderson, Lino Lakes

No, I would not stand by my "man", boy is more like it. Besides all the diseases out there, if he wanted to mess around he should have stayed single or been "man" enough to make himself single. I think they do it because they have many of the same ambitions as their husbands. I think they know how hard they worked to get where they are and they do not want to give up the perks that come with being with a man in politics. However, it does always seem to only take 2 to 3 months to hear that they are splitting up. I would not be able to publicly stand by my man in a situation like that. I don't think it sends the right message to our youth. If a married couple wants to work on it behind closed doors fine but don't send a message stating that it is a women's duty to stand behind her man no matter what he has done...wrong is wrong!

Shelly Anderson, Forest Lake

We are encouraged over and over again to get out of abusive situations. It may not be physical abuse, but this is most certainly a type of emotional abuse. He's an ass and deserves a designer shoe straight up it.

-- Geri Pribnow, Married 32 years and husband knows where he would be if this were our scenario