She’s Jane Doe now, but expect a wikileaks dump in a few weeks that blabs her real name.

An actress is suing in Seattle for more than $1 million for revealing her age on its Internet Movie Database website and refusing to remove the reference when asked.

KIRO-FM reports ( the actress says Amazon's conduct amounts to fraud and breach of contract. She used Jane Doe in court documents filed last week and believes her personal information was taken after she used her credit card to purchase a professional subscription to IMDb.

The actress is from Texas but her hometown was not included in court documents.

The woman believes she has lost income because the information was posted. Her attorney says 40-year-old actresses are not in demand in the movie business.

As this page notes: Jennifer Aniston. Angela Bassett. Annette Bening. Halle Berry. Tina Fey. And so on. Not to say that it’s more difficult to get ingenue roles when you’re over 40, but if all the ingenue roles were going to actresses over 40 the ones under 40 would be complaining that they’re not getting a chance. It’s also tough for older guys, too. Oh, they’ll get jobs in action movies, as 50+ pumped-up Casablancas wooing 21-year-old damsels-in-distress, but no one believes it. Did anyone see Bruce Willis in “Red”? Was there a single moment of that film that struck you as plausible? Didn’t mean it wasn’t fun; didn’t mean there weren’t a few moments of action-movie AWESOMEness, such as when he stepped out of a moving car while it was spinning around and took immediate perfect aim at his pursuer? (COOL. Rewind that.) He could do that because he used to be CIA.


Anyway, it had a role for Helen Mirren (that's her on the right) , and while she’s admittedly a special case, she provides a good role model for younger actress: with skill and good genes, your career can last so long you find yourself in your mid-60s wearing heels and a gown in a parking ramp firing a 50 caliber machine gun. It’s not the highlight of her career, but it was probably the highlight of the movie.


Anyway, have a sense of humor about yourself and lose the vanity and need to chase youth into the ever-darkening cave of middle-age, and one’s chances of getting roles past 40 may improve.

Or not. This article says:

While she loses opportunities because of her age, she's also missing work because of her youthful appearance, the lawsuit says.

"Plaintiff has experience rejection in the industry for each "40-year-old" role for which she has interviewed because she does not and cannot physically portray the role of a 40-year-old woman," the lawsuit says.

I have no idea what that could possibly mean, other than maybe she’s not that good an actress.

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