ThreeSixty Journalism, a nonprofit program at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, uses summer camps and outreach programs to strengthen the civic literacy, writing skills and college readiness of Minnesota high school students by bringing their stories to the larger community. It also creates a quarterly magazine of written and visual work by teens that is distributed free of charge to schools, libraries and youth organizations.

These articles and photos were produced by 12 high school students who participated in ThreeSixty’s June 15-27 residential journalism camp. Their stories are centered on youth organizations in the metro area that are cultivating “the next generation” of leaders.

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ThreeSixty scholar 2014: Each year, the University of St. Thomas awards one ThreeSixty Journalism high school senior a full-tuition, four-year scholarship to study communications and journalism. Students must complete a ThreeSixty program to be eligible.

This year’s winner is Deborah Honore, an Intermediate summer camper in 2013 and a recent graduate of John F. Kennedy High School in Bloomington. Of earning the scholarship, Honore said, “It’s my key to opportunities that will be essential to my growth as a journalist and student. This scholarship has, and will, make my dreams a reality — dreams that otherwise would have been impossible because of the price tag.”

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